Step into Port Townsend, the City of Dreams, and immerse yourself in a frontier town that lives steampunk year-round. Throughout the 19th century the “Key City” was a town looking to the future. Electrified homes and railway, a sense of destiny, aspirations to grandeur…and then it all fell down. The city Time Forgot. But today you can visit one of 3 Victorian seaports in the US, a community dedicated to authentic oddity, eccentric art, and an eclectic vision that draws hundreds of thousands of guests every year.

The Brass Screw ain’t no Con. We’re our own wonderful thing. Port Townsend, Washington, is one of just three Victorian seaports in the US and for one weekend it’s transformed into our unique vision of what a Steampunk Extravaganza should be: vintage aesthetics commingled with edgy 21st century art, music, and tech – all strapped together with brass

Confederacies Past

2017: Airship Pirates
2016: Patent Approved
2015: Patent Pending
2014: Octopi Port Townsend!
2013: The Maiden Voyage
2012: The Blueprint Year

So what’s this Steampunk-thing, anyhow?

First, here’s a One-page Steampunk Primer
...where you can read the Story of the Brass Screw Confederacy
...and finally gear up with our Steampunk Wardrobe Primer.

Ready to get involved?

Presenters & demos:


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