June 8, 2020: The Virtual Brass Screw is postponed in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and the need to focus on social justice. We look forward to an easing of tensions regionally and nationally at which time we will announce a new date.  Thank you for your support.


Aeronaut's World Circuit – A digital, ineluctable puzzle hunt experience from the comfort of your home. Team up with fellow adventurers on June 13th at 1pm in an online expedition around the world. Join a faction, crew an airship and race around the globe, visiting far-away places and racing against the clock to complete the Aeronaut’s World Circuit and earn your badge and place of honor as an official Aeronaut!

The Brass Screw Confederacy invites you to propel your faction around the world with the power of pure intellect. Aetherist, Cog, or Outcast? You're invited to join a Discord-ian game of online adventure for the pittance of $3 per participant. Reserve your station and get ready for an amazing ride!

Register here to take your place in the races. All you need is a computer with browser and a Discord account. Don't know Discord? Not sure how to get it going? No worries! On Friday, June 12th, you'll receive instructions for race day and we'll walk you through the detail. When the flag drops, you'll be off into the Aether.