Bodgers' Grande Exhibition

The Bodgers' Grande Exhibition is going virtual, steaming and streaming around the world on June 13th.  We need you to be part of the adventure!

Bodgers, Makers, Creators, and Tinkers are cordially invited to submit a short (3-5min) video displaying your latest creation, a treasured contraption, even something you've shown at a previous Brass Screw Confederacy.  Tell what you've made, explain the the nuances and mad genius of your device and we'll broadcast it to this year's Steampunk festival viewers.

The Details: Send a link to your video by May 30thto
Accepted formats include mp4, aiff, or wav. Let us know if you need help sending your file. In case it wasn't obvious, you're giving us permission to share your video with the world.This year's theme is Airship Races Around the World. Feel free to incorporate it or not.

A sampling of previous years of the Bodgers' Grande Exhibition