Greetings, True Believers!

Well, we tried. The greatest minds of the intrepid Screw Crew (some of them stored securely in jars since 1863) convened and discussed. In the end we saw no way to host the 2020 festival without risk. Even with social distancing, if someone got sick, or a bunch of people got sick, maybe because we weren't smart, we'd feel really bad.

So we're going virtual. The Ineluctable, Ultra-Telegraphic Virtual Brass Screw  is coming to you Saturday June 13th. Get the details here."But wait! What about my 2020 ticket?!?"

We gotcha! You've got three options:
  • Refund: All of it. Easy. Go to Eventbrite, log in, view your tickets, and request a refund. We issue your refund. Done.
  • Pay it Forward 2021: Help keep OPS alive. To be honest, this is rough. We've cancelled both 2020 events and the red line's moving in. Pay-it-Forward bridges the gap. To request a transfer, send mail to
  • Donate: Super easy. You do nothing. We sing your praises and weep tears of gratitude. Really. We're a 501.c.3, so your donation is tax deductible. Contact and we'll send you a statement.
To be clear: we're already planning for 2021 and looking forward to seeing you in Port Townsend then, goggles and all.Til then, watch for details of adventures to come, keep the faith, and stay strong.
~The Brass Screw Crew