Details and updates will be posted as they're available! You've heard it before, but we're sayin' it again: Schedule subject to change.

12:00 PM Introduction
12:05 Pennyfarthing 101
12:35 PM Fashion Show 1st Showing
12:50 PM Bodgers Grande Exhibition Part 1
1:25 PM All Ages Slideshow Video
1:28 PM Using Feathers in Costuming
2:00 PM
The Judge Wore Lamp Black read by Shelley Adina
2:20 PM Introduction to Sneak preview
2:25 PM
Sneak Preview of Percy and Reggie and the Great Parisian Air Exposition"
2:50 PM Intermission
3:08 PM Hoop skirts: How to survive!
3:38 PM The Historical Conjurer
3:55 PM Fashion Show 2nd Showing
4:10 PM Bodgers Grande Exhibition Part 2
4:45 PM Victorian Spirit Jam Session 101
5:05 PM
Absinthe Demystified: the history and modern use of a misunderstood spirit
5:35 PM Professor Elemental
6:00 PM Nathaniel Johnstone