Ineluctable, Ultra-Telegraphic Virtual Screw

September 12, 2020

We're on!  Let's do this!!

The Brass Screw Alliance takes to the aetherwaves for an on-line, FREE Steampunk all-day extravaganza on September 12th. Streaming from America's sweetest little Victorian seaport, Port Townsend, Washington, to...well...wherever you are! Special thanks to COGS Steampunk Expo for the Twitch.

Virtual Brass Screw – September 12, 2020


The day's festivities include:

Through the Aether! Burlesque Show - (Saturday, September 12 at 7pm PT) Want a little something extra? Join us for our Virtual Burlesque show at 7pm PST. Tickets: ($15 / $25 VIP Pass)

Nathaniel Johnstone Build Up to the Brass Screw: Friday 5pm Pacific Time (Link)

Special thanks to the COGS Steampunk Expo for their support streaming the Virtual Screw. Check out their amazing Halloween Plans at:

Help us out?

The Brass Screw is delighted to be beaming some Steampunk Shenanigans straight into your home, and in these days we're happy to be doing it for free. But if you can, consider dropping a few shillings in the can to help keep the gas lamps burning here at Brass Screw High Command.

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