Ineluctable, Ultra-Telegraphic Virtual Screw

The Brass Screw Confederacy takes to the aetherwaves for an on-line, FREE Steampunk all-day extravaganza on June 13th. Streaming from America's sweetest little Victorian seaport, Port Townsend, Washington, to...well...wherever you are!

Performances including the ineffable Nathaniel Johnstone! Magic, presentations and online adventures queued up for your delight. There's no telling who's going to turn up. We've remixed our the Brass Screw Fashion Show and the Bodgers' Grand Exhibition to virtual format and we'll beam it all straight to you.

Get all the goodness including:
- Presentations and lectures<link>
- Music and magical performances<link>
- An entirely virtual Bazaar of the Bizarre<link>
- Bodgers' Grande Exhibition<link>
- A fashion show featuring YOU! <link>

Tune in for FREE! But you can register for updates at


More more more!!

In addition to the Virtual Brass Screw, we’re excited to share some additional activities that might delight:

-       Aeronauts World Circuit - A digital, ineluctable puzzle hunt experience in the comfort of your home.

-       Den of Iniquities Burlesque Show – Through the Aether!!! Details coming soon.

Tune in for FREE! But you can register for updates at

We'll be streaming all the goodness including:

Watch this space for additional details and announcements...