The 2021 Brass Screw Future Review

Greetings from the Future!! Sorry for the radio silence. Time Travel proved trickier than our initial cocktail napkin sketch implied. Must've been the absinthe? That said, we're back!! And still utterly agog at the glorious tomfoolery of Brass Screw '22. You people are AMAZING!!
[Editor's note: Axiomatic Time-Space Restrictions prevent the transport of digital imagery. Who knew? You'll have to wait to see it for yourself. We're contenting ourselves with pictures past - for now...]
That said, 2021 Brass Screw Hootenanny is going to be a curtailed affair. While many are ready (anxious? desperate?) for roomfuls of fun-luvin', frolicsome friends, we want to ensure everyone stays healthy to allow for that glorious reunion of 2022. So hang in there!!